Energetic work

Every person has a source in itself. Known as one's own inner self. Your body and your energy are inextricably linked. Positive beliefs give energize lives, thoughts and beliefs can also block your energy! Problems in relationships, work, emotions and health may be able result. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own well being. The way that you look at life, that determines how your life is going and how your energy flows and how to make use of it. In my (coaching) energy work activity plays an important role. What is going on essentially within you and discovering your true essence.

Forms of energy work that I use are:

A physiological reading and expression of your energy to enable you to judge and change oneself. A reading is about the core of who you are and become aware of your life, as it is is on the agenda. This has a healing effect and makes one self-conscious.

You can experience energy going into your body, feeling it, but not in a concrete perception. For example you can feel that you are "full of energy flows," or low energy flows. Each individual has his own story, because we are all different. If you cannot free flowing energy, blockages can occur. A healing helps you to experiences those energies in a way that suits you at that time in place. This allows you to be more in tune with your own animation function.

(Energetic) Massage:
During an energetic massage, you are invited to feel what is there. By focusing your attention inwardly and feel, without judgment, able reality of theexperience. The thoughts, memories or emotions that come up, can bring an awareness going. The aim is to identify, recognize and accept who we really are. At that moment there is healing place. There will be room for all the life energy and it can flow through you.

For energy work distance is not important. This makes it just as easy to work remotely as actually meeting someone in the flesh.