Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT ) is an intervention technique aimed at discharging a feeling comprising tuning in a sense, evoking a positive feeling, followed by knocking on the body at specific locations while tuned at positive affirmations.

EFT is a pleasant, safe and very powerful method / technique that can quickly and easily can release from negative emotions as trauma, anxiety, learning disabilities, depression and more.

What is EFT :
You take off the emotional charge or voltage loaded of tense emotions or memories ( = desensitization ) so you become free of pain, fear and the like. There are no other effects, you can just let it go and forget. Remarkably good and beautiful results with this EFT method: people are freed from pain, trauma, phobias or panic attacks, in a gentle way and of many negative physical symptoms.

How EFT works:
Strong emotional experiences that are not processed properly and can cause traumas and phobias, are held or stored in the body of human beings. One says it is saved in the autonomic nervous system, the other says that it is saved in the energy system.
Any disturbance may be suppression of interference by focusing on the specific experience at a later date, to articulate it your attention ( if necessary divided into aspects ) and then discharged through the formula of EFT.