Energetic massage

The body consists of different energy pathways and movements such as the circulatory, lymphatic flow, respiration and life energy.

Due to modern life the body physically and mentally is put  more and more under pressure. An energetic massage is one of the most natural ways to rid the body of stress. It focuses on the energy flow in the body and awareness of different sensations. These are by clients for example experienced as heat or cold, pain, tingling, pleasure, impulses, press, openness, closeness, etc....

When you are in balance you feel balanced, fulfilled, complete, loving. If you are more out of balance, it is more or less dark, heavy, empty or restless in you. The natural flow of life energy is disrupted. Emotions like anger, sadness, fear or pain prevail and take up space, literally and figuratively. They connect with your body or even put themselves in something. The place where this occurs divers in every human being. The energy is less optimal. Fatigue, lethargy or illness can be the result and then prove to be a part of the life of a human being .

During an energetic massage, you are invited to feel what is there. By focusing your attention inward and feel, without judging, you realize what it is. The thoughts, memories or emotions that come up, can come able an awareness going. The aim is to identify, recognize and accept this as a part of one self. At that moment a healing takes place. There will be room for all the life energy and it can flow through you.

In this form of massage, it is possible to keep the clothes on, while lying on the massage table.