Why a reading?
A reading gives insight into how the here and now with you. It makes you more aware of yourself and your way of life. It may be that you you are looking for depth, it may be that you are not happy, etc, etc. All such parts of your being and your life come from somewhere. During a reading here and now gets deepened, old patterns are appointed, so you get more insight into why things are as they are. What the cause is, what is the effect of it, where it comes from and what it takes? In short, an overview of your life now, and from there help for the future.

A reading helps to understand the processes by which things you do or do not. Insight this understanding will help you in making your own choices.You can let go of old patterns, change what you want to change and create more space for your own unique way of being. A reading is concluded with a healing. A healing supports the process (see healing).

A reading is the psychic reading to assess your aura and chakras without you or change. In a reading, the core of who you are and why your life is, ashe is on the agenda. You get more insight into your own situation and that can stimulate you to let go of old patterns and taking new steps. At a reading I start reading " the rose ". That is a description of your energy; a general picture of yourself. Then I will read the aura, the energy field around your body, go and see. At the end I read the chakras with the information stored therein .
Apart from a general reading about it is also possible to do on family, relationships , business / work, health , creativity and husband / wife. Special readings See description specials .

If you want a reading can be recorded so you can listen to it later. A reading at distance is always recorded. Sent to you as a MP3 or on a CD.