What are Indigo children?

Indigo children is a term for highly sensitive children who often have a       higher level of consciousness than many "normal" people, because they are   born in this new era with a special purpose. From about 25 years ago, many of these children were born, but before that there were way preparers for these higher energy on earth. The first of these children we often call the Indigo Children.

The task of these Indigo children is particularly to break old patterns and open doors to new paradigms and energetic structures on earth. They are often persistent, self - educational and tend to want to evaluate and questioning everything. Indigo Children often know who they are and what they want in life, but are also very sensitive and vulnerable to energy and criticism from others and therefore quickly become out of balance or withdraw into himself.


Crystal Children have a more subtle energy. They have not so much the need to break old patterns but do everything on their own, peaceful way. They know the natural flow of energy in the universe and are fully connected to their Higher Self. They contribute greatly to the enhancement of the collective vibration of humanity because they all carry the vibration of the new planet with them.

Healing and energetic protection
Indigo children often respond very well to homeopathy, Bach flower, gemstone therapy and energetic treatments. If this is done where they can be themselves, therapists can reach often-remarkable changes in behavior and mood in a short time. Through healing and energetic exercises the children learn to move their aura back in energetic overload. So they are able to protect themselves better and are less likely to become over stimulated.