Personal Coaching

Coaching is a form of personal counseling. A coach will help you to find answers to fundamental questions that concern you.

The aim is to get in your own situation, as it is in presence. The insight coach encourages you to look at your options for change.
The following questions are addressed:
- Where are you now? What is your starting point?
- What are your skills, your strengths?
- What are your obstacles, your blocks?
- What would you like to change?
- Where do you want to be?
- How do you design?

The reasons that you are doing this course can be very diverse. By the discussions and exercises you will do, you come more and
more at yourself and notice that the answers are already in you. Because this should be more aware'm able to get moving and
thus to move about. Choices that do belong to you and where necessary to clean up old patterns. So you can go and see what
it takes to create the way you want it.